Camilo & Angela

Melbourne, Victoria

We love capturing details and we find that registering the hands of our couples are beyond specialšŸ’«. They show strength, love and security. It is the hands that we use to feel, to touch, to care, they are a way by which we can feel each otheršŸ’›. This was our first wedding in the midst of the pandemic, a couple full of decision and without any sign of fear. Clearly, love is not cancelled nor restricted!!

This couple as many others in this time had the courage and the decision to go ahead with their big day!! We stand firm with the idea that a special moment is not made up of thousands of guests, rather, some of the most special people that surround you. Not the most expensive venue, dress, suits or rings, rather using the things that make you feel most comfortable. We are firm believers that the connection is what brings the difference to any place and in any circumstance, and that love is the driven point. !

We celebrate a love that does not keep record of wrong

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